Every Entrepreneur Needs to Get Punched in the Face

Every Entrepreneur Needs to Get Punched in the Face – Inspired by Raul Villacis

Be prepared! Life is going to punch you in the face!

The moments of Chaos in our lives are real. Don’t fear, it’s what we’re built for!  Welcome adversity, problems, and disruption!
I refuse to live in fear, to be contained or condemned in my thoughts or to become a victim of my circumstance.


  • I will continue to shine light if I don’t have the light I will find the light in the darkness and shine it for others to follow.
  • I will continue to bring the love, joy, fulfillment, passion, and abundance wherever I am.
  • I will continue to expand because my soul has already won.

My intention for every one of us is to fall in love with the process, not the outcome. To love one another but not before we love or learn to love yourselves. You learn love by living and gaining experiences. Loving your experiences is only possible when you are present for them. This IS gratitude and appreciation for the people and things collected in life. Love through experience is not a punishment but a gift from GOD the universe.

I heard Anthony “Tony” Robbins say, “Life happens FOR US, not TO US” and I believe that because life happens to everyone so the lessons we learn are FOR US! We have to get punched in the face sometimes to have the experience that life has to give us just to wake the fuck up! We wake up to realize that we are not in control after all, that we have to surrender our control and let go.

As a child, I heard in church, “Let Go & Let God”! You see, the moment we surrender and let God work miracles through us in every part of our lives, in our business, in our health, in our finances, in our relationships, we will find healing in that process. The key is daily practice, we call that consistency.

We have to stop fighting and let God work through us. That’s when we find “The Edge”. That is the moment we become the leader. We decide not to back down. We decide in that the moment to make ourselves push through and push forward regardless of how we feel about it. That is the moment we chose to lead. Yes, we are scared and have fear but in those moments we must let our faith be greater than our fears. Your purpose is greater than your fear so you become the leader, the moment you don’t back down, that’s the moment you get the edge so, choose to lead.

Take a moment to notice how you feel right now, that feeling you have in your body right now, that is the energy of God working in you! Even though you may have fear, your faith being tested. Fear only lives in your head, it is not a real thing, and it is your brain stopping you from risk, from failure and from success. Fear is stopping you from achieving what God has for you. Is your fear greater than God? Is your purpose greater you’re your fear?

When everyone around you is panicking, you’ll be the most certain person in the room, because you know exactly what you need to do to level up, so stay strong and stay in faith. Shit is about to get real,

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Inspired by: The Daily edge by Raul Villacis

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