How to Hire a Contractor

Now this could be a full Video..  As a matter of fact, that isn’t a bad Idea!  Until then, read below!

Make sure you hire a licensed, bonded, insured and referred contractor.  You’ll also need to gather multiple opinions, testimonials, references and check online ratings before hiring a professional. Why? Because hiring a contractor is not the same as hiring your neighbors kid to cut your grass. There is a wide range of skills, process, products and their correct applications, talent, business savvy, estimation, crew size, time to complete, BBB checking, contract clarity and if they do not produce penalties, contract review and negotiations, change orders and the list goes on. An unskilled home owner choosing a bad contractor can and often end up over budget, with incomplete projects or completed projects that are sub-par.

Experience and practice shows that homeowners getting multiple bids, typically enjoy more than 10% money saving. I always recommend to check contractor references.  When you interview contractors for your home projects make sure they:

Have the necessary knowledge to successfully manage the construction project. Have the time required to manage the project. Will provide a contract with work to be performed, materials to be used and price before the work starts. Carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance to cover his employees in case of injury. Carry a bond to protect you. Know about necessary permits and inspections, preventing unnecessary delays once the project is underway

My Hiring Contractor Checklist:

  • Did you get referrals?
  • Evaluate the referrals by cross-checking if possible?
  • Check their licensing and general standing with local and state Better Business Bureau’s (BBB), and licensing boards.
  • Interview the contractor, start with a list of questions. Ask each contractor the same questions.
  • Know what you want done, this will help you and the contractor.  Be VERY clear and VERY specific
  • Narrow your list of contractors to two ONLY!  Let them know who is Primary and who is backup!
  • Request a bid, ONLY after you’ve defined the project in full.  Then you can compare “Apples to Apples”.
  • Gather all of your information, sit at the table and compare them.
  • Make your choice, be comfortable with it.  This is not a choice of bad vs worse.  If that is the case keep looking.  You want the BEST working for you at the most reasonable price…

Relax, you just hired a professional who will make your project an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Just remember to check back frequently and check the work while it’s being done!!!

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