No Equity?

Problems Selling Because You Have No Equity?

A “Low, Now or Negative” situation is still a more common situation than you might think. As equity values have decreased from regional market highs of 2004 & 2005 many home owners are finding that the values of their homes have not risen enough to break even or make a profit. Many still blame themselves or the banks for them being in this situation. In many cases, homeowners will try to sell their home “By Owner” to avoid paying a commissions hoping to NET more money if they are successful closing. The odds are against them as only about 5% of “By Owner” home sales actually close. Some list with an “Up-Front” charge agent or a discount brokerage again, hoping to “save money”. In our current market, neither of these options will “NET” the home owner the most money 95% of the time. Who wants to be in the losing 95%?

As specialist my team focus’s on the Value of your home not the price of your home. Doing so increases interest, and hi interest usually means multiple offers which almost always drives the price of your home up. This is only ONE TECHNIQUE we use on the Fine Homes & Estates Team to actively market your home to serious buyers in this Buyers Market.

Jerel & his sales team has 10 years specializing in Foreclosure Prevention, Short Sale Transactions and qualifying home owners in cutting costs including reducing their property taxes and loan modification assistance which can reduce monthly payments allowing some home owners to stay in their properties.

If selling your property is financially, the best overall case scenario, we are ready to move you forward with the most innovative and aggressive marketing campaign in the region.

A non-aggressive marketing effort will increase the time a property is on the market and will result in decreased market value, higher carrying costs, and missed opportunity costs. Buyers pay attention to how long a property is on the market. The longer the days, the less perceived value it has.

Imagine this:

A Homeowner lists their home with a typical / passive general services agent.
In order to cover the agent’s commissions and additional closing costs, the owner chooses to increase the price.
Since the price was increased, the likelihood of selling is reduced. Compared to other properties this one may not compare and therefore a buyer will look at it, then dismiss it.
Even if it does sell, what little equity you think you have is in jeopardy when the buyers bank orders an appraisal.

Some real estate agents may even refuse to list your house because there isn’t enough equity to pay their commissions!
Now Imagine This:

You don’t have to give away your equity. No matter how small it is!

We can market your property for a flat rate and give you the same high level quality of service.

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This Problem Won’t Just Go Away! Take Control Back.. Call me Right NOW!!!
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