Whitney Collins, Psy.D.

Jerel Washington is a rising star and already a master of residential real estate in New Jersey. He has shown his expertise in every phase of a very challenging and amazingly fast house sale.

From the start Jerel showed that he is a go-getter. Just as our contract with our unsuccessful  previous agent had expired, Jerel phoned us to offer his services. His energy and sincerity were immediately apparent. As soon as we hired him, he took responsibility for a near-impossible task: persuading us to stage our interiors to showcase the beauty and warmth of our architect-designed, forty-year-old house, and to make needed landscaping improvements to our large but neglected acreage and our unimposing entrance road.

Against our resistance, Jerel insisted that we hire Renee Cologne of RC Shelter (a wonderfully tasteful and tactful young woman) to plan, administer, and execute the staging of our house. He worked seamlessly with her and respectfully with us, to accomplish the preparation of our property, while we resisted all the way, making his task extremely difficult. With good-humored persuasion, Jerel won us over on all the necessary projects.

Our place reached showable condition in August, just as the selling season was ending. Jerel hired a talented photographer and ran an incredibly thorough and effective internet marketing campaign. In the next two months we had three times more showings than we had had in three previous years on the market. At the end of those two months of frequent showings, we had two good offers.

At this point Jerel demonstrated his sterling ethics and tireless patience. One offer came to us through another agent, one came through Jerel himself. He would have earned the entire commission if we were to choose his own buyer. But he put no pressure on us to do that. Instead, he discussed the advantages of each offer with us impartially. We decided to go with the other agent’s buyer, and Jerel accepted our decision without hesitation. He then tirelessly helped us to cope with the prolonged ordeal of post-.inspection challenges and guided us to avoid discounting the original purchase price any more than necessary to facilitate the sale. We were able to go off on a long-scheduled vacation knowing that Jerel would take care of any loose ends and be ready for a closing by proxy in our absence.

In sum, Jerel Washington is a great salesman, a tactful collaborator, a tireless helper, a scrupulously ethical businessman, a patient and witty persuader, an Internet marketing expert, and simply the best real estate agent you could hope to have on your team. It has been a privilege to work with him.

Whitney Collins, Psy.D.

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